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Origin Novita

NAP 811i Air Purifier

Recommended Coverage area is upto 5500 cu.ft

70 watts power consumption

Ideal for purification of large areas

High air flow rate of up to 525 m³/hr

Reliable 5 step purification process that ensures finest air quality possible at all times

Semi-Permanent Built-in Ionizer
Producing up to 20 million negative ions/cm3, this helps keep airborne allergens and germs at bay, all while providing fresh indoor quality.

Air Quality Particle Sensor
for quick indication of air quality anytime

5 Fan Speed Settings
To satisfy your Air Quality Needs.


Dimension (width X depth X height) inches 16" x 11" x 21"
Net Weight 8.0 kg
Power Consumption 17 - 70 watts
Coverage 5500 cu.ft.
Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) 394m³/hr
Purification System "Step 1: Pre-Mesh Filter
Step 2: Cool Catalyst Filter
Step 3: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Step 4: 99.97% True HEPA Filter
Step 5: Built-in Ionizer (Semi-Permanent)"
Speed Setting 5 speed setting
Noise Level 40 dB - 59 dB
Air Flow Rate 150 - 525 m³/hr
Negative Ion Density+ +Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission. Up to 20 million/ cm³

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