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Where to use a dehumidifier?


Wet air gets trapped in bathrooms. Moisture that is gathered in corner leads to growth of microorganisms. High humidity levels not only affect your bathroom area but also the immediate surrounding rooms. Undetected and neglected leaks add to the problem. Compact dehumidifiers fit well in bathroom areas to keep them dry.

Storage Areas

Anything we store in rooms having excess moisture become susceptible to mold, mildew, corrosion and rust. High moisture levels tend to damage a lot more than we know, it could be any item of value like clothes, photo albums, wooden furniture, electronic appliances, leather bags and so on. To keep the items safe install a dehumidifier and ensure all items are completely safe and dry with no traces of moisture.

Laundry Area

Laundry areas usually have humidity levels above 80%, specially during monsoon which is why it takes longer time for the clothes to dry. Dehumidifier is an energy efficient solution as they facilitates clothes to dry fast. Not only that but they also help you get rid of the stuffy smell that stays in damp clothes to give you a laundry fresh experience like never before.


Humid basements tend to have damp smells andare uncomfortable, basement areas could be used as simple storage of valuables, home theatre rooms, swimming pool or gymnasium.Humidity results in molds, rust and musty odor. Dehumidifiers are recommended to be used in basement during the non-working hours to keep the equipments from corroding or developing fungal growth

Study Room and Library

Musty smell, discoloration and deterioration of books are caused due to high humidity levels. Mini dehumidifiers keep them away from getting damaged and keep them intact


Wardrobe mold and musty odour, fuzzy dots on clothes and mold growth are all signs of excess moisture levels. Dehumidifiers keep your valuables safe and dry and protect them from moisture damage.

Living Room

Warped wooden floorings, breakdown of electronics, rust on strings of musical instruments, fading of paintings with a yellowish tinge are reasons of high humidity levels that usually go unnoticed. Dehumidifier protect home theatre systems, wooden furnishings, paintings and musical instruments from ill-effects of moisture and enhance their shelf life. It also ensures comfortable and healthy humidity levels for indoor air are maintained.

Coastal properties

Homes and villas that are sea facing or close to the sea tend to have very high humidity levels than usual. Due to which they tend to need a little more attention, care and maintenance. Dehumidifiers regulate humidity levels by extracting moisture from indoor air so that your sea facing homes remain in pristine condition, your rooms smell fresh, your electronics work well and your interiors stay unimpacted by humidity.