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Home Dehumidifier range by Origin, since 1998.

High humidity causes virus to germinate. It lends itself to optimal microbial growth and becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms that can harm your health. Our body develops undesirable symptoms when its immune system reacts with allergens around us. High humidity levels adds to the growth of the most common allergens that cause allergies like mold, dust mites, and fungus making it particularly threatening for people with asthma and allergies.

Not only does moisture affect our health but constant moisture has been a problem in homes for various other reasons too. Some of them are:

  • damp walls and ceilings, black spots, peeling of paints
  • stuffy or musty smell in living areas
  • Breakdown of home theatre systems, damage to camera lenses and severe damage to other expensive electronic equipments
  • wardrobe molds & musty odour
  • rusting on strings of musical instruments and blocking of piano keys
  • moldy upholstery
  • causes trouble for residents with allergy and moisture sensitivities
  • To maintain preferred and healthy humidity levels and to protect your loved ones and your valuables from excess moisture Origin brings to you Novita dehumidifiers, the most trusted dehumidifier brand from Singapore.
  • Novita offers a wide range portable units that are easy to move around in residential spaces. Feature Highlights of Novita dehumidifiers like energy efficiency, digital display, programmable timer and convenient easy-roll castors make them your reliable choice to keep humidity in check at all times!