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Dehumidifiers for Warehouses

Humidity levels in storage areas are to be maintained to suit the products that are being stored. Products and merchandise have a high risk of suffering from moisture damage as it leads to fungal growth and structural damage to products, causing them to deteriorate thus reducing their shelf life.

Moisture and damp cause breakdown of electronic appliances, pharmaceutical and perishable food products become susceptible to degradation, leather products lose their lustre, paintings and artefacts develop black spots or a yellowish tinge, iron products get corroded, wood and textiles get damaged by mold growth and much more..

Protecting your warehouse from high humidity levels require industrial dehumidifiers to be installed. Dehumidifiers having high extraction capacity and higher airflow rates to ensure the concerned area dehumidified effectively.

Origin offers a wide range of dehumidifiers starting from small portable units for smaller storage areas to heavy-duty dehumidifiers for large warehouse spaces. Easy to move dehumidifiers with heavy-duty castors with large tank capacities and larger coverage areas make the Origin range your ideal choice.