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Dehumidifiers for Food and Confectionery Industry

To meet quality standards in food and confectionery industry, controlled and consistent humidity and temperature levels along with good hygiene has to be observed right from the production, processing and packaging rooms to the storage areas of food products.

Excess moisture settles on the surface of products during the production process. It tends to affect both the ingredients as well as the end product as they are sensitive to moisture. Uncontrolled humidity levels cause bacterial growth, clumping of ingredients, sugar and fat blooming in confectionery products, ready to eat snacks and cereals, wafers and popcorns lose their crispiness thus resulting poor consumer experience.

Observing precise humidity levels are a must to ensure smooth functioning during all stages of production. Dehumidifiers are a cost-effective solution to optimize the quality of end products by maintaining humidity levels at all times. Dehumidifying benefits in: