Why to use a dehumidifier?


Molds grow in all homes and flourish with excessive moisture, high humidity and especially with abundant rainfall. Growing on almost any surface may result in:

  • Musty Smelling in Books & Collectibles Enclosed environment and no ventilation lead to musty odor.
  • Moldy Upholstery Moldy or moisture problems occur due to high humidity level of atmosphere.
  • Damaged Music Equipments Excess moisture results in rusting on the strings musical instruments like guitar, sitar, violin, piano etc. It also blocks Piano keys.
  • Warped Wooden Floorings Due to high humidity, the condensation occurs in the room which warps the wooden floorings.
  • Peeling Wall & Ceiling Outside moisture such as rain and dew can penetrate a paint coat and result in cracking, peeling and premature paint failure.
  • Wardrobe Molds & Musty Odour High humidity causes white fuzzy dots on cloths as well as leather goods like belts, wallets, purses, shoes etc which leads to musty odor.

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