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Why Origin ?

Global Brands

Origin brings to you the world's finest brands in portable dehumidifiers from 'Made in Germany' Aerial to Singapore's finest Novita and Fral from Italy.

Ready Delivery

If you need it, consider it delivered. We have ready stock to deliver at your doorstep using the finest courier service in Sri Lanka.

Service Network

If you need service assistance, we will travel to your site* to solve the problem across Sri Lanka (in represented areas only).

Plug & Play Operation

Our portable (mini) dehumidifiers are plug and play units which can start performing the moment they land at your premises and very simple to operate.

Energy Savings

Our dehumidifiers are small in size and consume 1/10th energy consumed by air conditioners to keep the room dry and we also have the lowest energy consuming dehumidifier in Asia.

Expert Advise

Our team understands humidity best and with the help of advanced calculations, we will help you buy the right dehumidifier, helping you save on capital (price) and running cost.

Ask for a demo

We believe our dehumidifiers speak for themselves and we will be happy to have them at your place.

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