How to choose a dehumidifier?

Get the correct size

A good rule of thumb is to match the extraction capacity and coverage of the dehumidifier against your requirements.

Identify the ideal humidity level

In-built hygrostat helps in maintaining your desired humidity level and saves costs on energy by adjusting to different humidity levels and turning the dehumidifier on/off automatically.

Know the drainage options

Collected water can be emptied manually from the water tank or drained away conveniently by fitting a hose/pipe for continuous drainage to a destination area.

Manage the operating cost

Consider both the power consumption and de-humidifying capacity. A larger unit dehumidifies more area in a shorter time and may not necessarily cost more to maintain.

Consider the applicability

Dehumidifier with castors or carrying handles make it easy to move from place to place wherever the need for de-humidifying arises.


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